School Visits

Screenwriting and Cartooning Workshop

Dean Wilkinson and Ingi Jensson offer fun filled hour and a half long writing and cartooning sessions in schools and libraries. Dean is the scriptwriter and Ingi is the cartoonist.

What the session is about

The children can either draw or write a script, short story or anything they like. If you just want to sit and chill and soak up the creative vibe, that's cool by us!

We talk to the kids about their favourite programmes and cartoons, and how they are made. What stages the creative process goes through. It always begins with an idea! What have Beano, The Dandy, Watchmen, The Simpsons, Eastenders, Star Wars and Harry Potter got in common? They all started with an idea and a script!

How you set out a script for TV, radio and comics

Kids are given script from Dean's BBC7 radio show 'I'm An Alien Get Me Off Here'. We read the script and then play the sketch on CD. Afterwards we handout Ingi's comic strip version of the script and discuss the differences in presentation.


We then get the kids to talk about their ideas and get everyone chipping in with thoughts on how to improve their characters or new ideas for it.

The kids can then take away their characters and develop them into whatever they like - a comic book of their own, a TV or radio script - their first novel! There's no limit!

Who we are

Dean has written comedy for 20 years for telly, radio, mags, newspapers, books and console games (CBBC's Stupid, Ant and Dec, Harry Hill, Little Big Planet.) 

Ingi has been making comics and cartoons for Icelandic newspapers and magazines since 1999 and ran fun comic strip classes in Iceland for kids and adults alike.

Email Dean This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info or to book a session.